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Note Queen to Speak at Real Estate Investors Club of L.A. August 23, 2008

Yeah, sounds kind of fancy, doesn’t it? The reason I’m so excited is that I really love talking to people about investing in (or divesting themselves of) property in this market. My whole joy in life is putting real estate transactions together completely outside of and apart from the institutional lending community.

When cash or cash-to-new-loan isn’t working, that’s when I get the chance to shine. (But seller financing isn’t just a desperation tool, it can be a great estate planning tool for retirement, as well).

No qualifying for financing, no asking for a short sale . . . I don’t know, I just think closing escrow is a whole lot more fun when I get to say when it closes, not some catatonic organization desperately in need of a liver cleanse. I feel more powerful that way, plus my blood pressure is more stable.

So, here is the link to the REICLA so you can attend if you want. According to the “flyer:”

Dawn Rickabaugh, Broker/Owner of Rickabaugh Realty, is known as “The Note Queen” because of her passion for real estate notes and the installment sale. She loves the dance between property and paper, and thrives on putting real estate transactions together without so much as a nod from the institutional lending community. For the last 5 years she has been buying real estate notes, buying and selling her own seller-financed properties, and helping others close real estate transactions through a variety of creative strategies as an investor and as a broker.

Dawn wants you to be able to be successful so she can buy your notes. When you learn how to do this, it is a win-win situation for all parties. Dawn is not selling any package-just her service.

You will learn how to:

  • Do less and get more by becoming the bank on properties you already own
  • Have twice as many buyers looking at your property
  • Get top dollar by offering terms
  • Close escrow quickly
  • Get out from under heavy mortgage payments without short sale or foreclosure
  • Sell, carry the financing, and still walk away with cash at closing
  • Buy property without qualifying for bank financing
  • Structure the sale of your real estate note to meet your financial objectives

I look forward to meeting you there, or on cyberspace, when you’re interested in having a conversation about ways that seller financing techniques can help you get what you want regardless of what’s going on in the market at large.

I had a really nice email recently that I’ll share with you. It’s always gratifying when someone appreciates the work you’ve put into something, like this Note Queen blog:

Hi Dawn,

A quick note (no pun intended) to tell you what a helpful and informative web site you have put together! I just spend an hour reading every word and I am fascinated. I am preparing offers for several properties with a business partner this week. A seller carry back will be presented as part of our offer so my finding your web site is very timely. Perhaps we can ask you assist in some capacity and do some business.

Thanks again for a great site. The secondary market of note buying and selling opens up all kinds of possibilities. My world just expanded… 😉

Thank You,

Mike Hardy – President, Paradigm Mortgage Group

Phone (800) 587-4096

Thanks, Mike. It’ll be great to get together with you and your partners to discuss the possibilities.

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