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Pasadena Discovers the Secrets of Seller Financing

It’s my privilege to speak to the agents at Keller Williams in Pasadena this Friday. The management is very supportive of every possible strategy to help their agents earn more commissions. KW is one of the most supportive and progressive real estate companies I’ve seen so far.

Let’s face it . . . the Real Estate “Warrior” of today needs more tools to get transactions closed. Having an open mind, some flexibility, and learning a little about seller financing and real estate notes can get your escrows closed, and give your seller what they need most.

  • Do you have a seller stuck on price?
    • What if you could show them how to get their price by offering terms?
  • Is your listing getting ready to expire?
    • What if you knew how to approach your seller about carrying paper?
  • Do you know people who won’t sell because “the market’s not good?”
    • What if you could show them that the installment sale can get them the benefits they’re looking for?
  • Do you know people who worry about capital gains?
    • What if you could show them how to defer capital gains without an exchange?
  • Do you know sellers who just need someone to take over their payments?
    • What if you could get your clients out from under their payments without a short sale or foreclosure?
  • Do you have a buyer who can’t qualify?
    • What if you knew how to sell them a home anyway?
  • Have a property that’s non-conforming?
    • What if you didn’t worry about a potential buyer to be able to qualify for bank financing?
  • Is your deal falling apart?
    • What if there was a way to keep it together?

So, there are the key points I’ll be addressing. I am approached by people every day by phone or email who are hungry for this information, and I’m increasingly needing to find other real estate professionals who know about seller financing, or are at least interested in learning. There are lots of clients to help.

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