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A Note from Jerry …

Do you even want to?

Or would you rather pull the blankets over your head and forget about facing that big bad world out there?

I used to vote for the second one.

I’ve been in the Real Estate business in various capacities for going on 20 years, and many of you who are involved in the industry in one way or another are feeling the chilliness of this market environment.

Baby, it’s cold out there … and I’m not talking about the weather!

I, for one, am thrilled that conditions are the way they are! Not because I’m making a fortune dealing in short-sales, REO’s, pre-foreclosures, or discounted paper … there are loads of people raking it in working these niches, but I’ve decided to opt out of the terrific opportunities of misfortune … to focus on what it is that does cause me to jump out of bed in the morning.

Years back when I was a Real Estate agent, I was making what most would consider to be a terrific living listing and selling homes … working for commissions only. My coach and mentor would constantly be telling me –

“Jerry, you’ve got to figure out what would cause you to jump out of bed in the morning … and DO more of that!”

Well, that set up quite a bit of conflict within me, as I loved the money I was making representing buyers and sellers, but I wasn’t thrilled with the actual process involved with getting to a paycheck.

I was also scared to death that it would all come to an end; that I’d be exposed as a phony and a fake. I sometimes felt like “Do I really deserve all this money?!.” I thought I just might starve to death; that the dust of my bones would blow away in the Santa Ana winds!

Yeah, I’ve been accused of being a little “dramatic” before. OK, maybe a lot. No, definitely a lot.

But what was I going to do? I had to eat! If you could see me now, you’d realize that I managed to do more than my share of that! But my point is that my fear of the “what if’s” kept me doing something that didn’t really “do” it for me, at the expense of whatever it was out there that could make my heart sing.

My coach’s words played through my little mind often, and I just knew that there was something missing from my life … something that I could discover, implement, and then go joyfully skipping down the blissful path to peace, harmony, and prosperity … all while having a ball!

And that something showed up … and I did jump out of bed … and it was (felt?) glorious!

But I’m not going to tell you about it right now, because I’ve got to work on the “other” thing that floats my boat … and that’s way too much fun to put off much longer.

So I’ll see you next time … OK? Give me a week to get back to this, but in the meantime, consider this:

“We know what we are, but not what we may be.” – Shakespeare

And that’s probably true … in bed, or out.

Jerry Hannan

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