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When Right Side Up is Inside Out – Saving a Pasadena Escrow with Seller Financing

Answer: “Well, because I can.”

Question: “Why do you write totally random quirky posts sometimes? Don’t you want us to think that you’re a respectable professional?”

It is intuitively understood by most people that anyone who goes by ‘Note Queen’ is likely to be eccentric at times. I don’t actually think anyone is surprised at this point. Besides, as one of my teenagers likes to say, “Mom . . . nobody cares.”

So, I got a call over the weekend from husband & wife sellers who had an escrow that was falling apart. They asked if I would please step in to put it back together. It’s hard to think of being asked to do anything that sounds like more fun.

The sellers arranged a meeting with their listing agent, the selling agent, the buyers (and a token boyfriend, I think) and myself, and we all sorted it out to create a great solution for all concerned.

The buyer is getting to buy, the seller is getting to sell, and both agents are going to get their commissions after all. (Because the escrow is not quite closed, I’ll leave the details of the deal for a future post.)

So I’m feeling pretty cool and sophisticated and relevant at this point.

I follow the listing agent back to his office to help him put the seller financing addendum together and do some minor strategizing about how to move things forward expediently. While I’m standing at his computer, working on Winforms, he comes up behind me and says, “Hey, I think there’s a moth on your back,” and he goes to gently grab what turns out to be the tag on my shirt.

And then I realized aloud, “Oh my God! I put my shirt on inside out!” We both had a good laugh. Folks, there are few better ways to impress your peers.

Just another bit of wisdom from the Note Queen. (Please consider donating to the: Help Dress the Note Queen Foundation).

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