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Realtors Can Help Sellers Get Top Dollar Using the Equity Holding Land Trust

“Aloha Dawn,

I had a question for you to see how you might have handled something. My sister in laws’ boss is gong to be selling his condo here in Hawaii (he lives in LA). I told her about the land trust and she thought he might be interested in it and maybe I could list his house using that approach.

I wrote him an email and gave him an overview of how owner financing, if done properly, might allow him to sell his home more easily in the current market (he wants to list at $1.8 and owes about $800,000). He feels he needs the cash out of the house and has a Realtor friend that he has known for a number of years (knowing the Realtor, it will go on the market overpriced and then slowly be reduced to a realistic level).

How would you have countered his argument that he has a “friend” that is a Realtor. He would have been a perfect OWC type transaction, and knowing his property and its location, he is going to have a hard time selling it even at a reduced price. Thank you for any thoughts you might have.”

Dear Creative Realtor From the Islands,

Putting it in the land trust (offering seller financing) doesn’t mean the seller won’t get all or most of his equity out at close. It’s not hard for me to imagine that a buyer could have a 50% or more down payment and be happy to take over the existing payments (provided that the underlying financing is good). Good jumbos are hard to come by these days.

Sellers that list high and chase the market down always end up losing more money, but it can be hard to help them understand that. Advertising OWC, even if he decides not to carry, will always get him more interest, more offers, and a higher price.

And he needs to use a Realtor, like you, that has a thorough knowledge of seller financing strategies. Most agents just don’t have a working knowledge of the subject and can really do a disservice to their clients by not bringing in a seller financing specialist. Don’t worry, as the weeks stack up, there will be more and more mainstream recognition of the need for creative strategies, then you should be positioned well.

Let him languish on the market for a few months, and then revisit the conversation. Things change!

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