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Hey there! This is Dawn Rickabaugh 

and I want to invite you to become a  cherished Citizen of the Realm here in the Queendom, because you’ll discover the magic of the “Note Business” and how private money really works. You get the Real-Deal-No-BS, inside scoop on strategies we’re using every day to buy & sell with owner financing, make private loans, and buy seller carry notes at a discount. You find out how easy it is to make 7-10X the money the banks are paying, while helping families all across America.

Ready to Create Passive Income?

Ready to Create
Passive Income?

Make a commitment today… promise yourself that this year you will begin to CREATE PASSIVE INCOME that will eventually exceed your expenses (you can start even if you think you have nothing to invest!). If you don’t take care of yourself and your family, no one will. 

Here's What You Get When You Become a Citizen of the Realm:

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    Virtual Coffee Q&A: Free monthly Q&A call
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    YouTube Channel: Access a ton of great training videos
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    Note Queen Podcast: Access the Owner Financing & Note Investing Podcast with Dawn Rickabaugh
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    FREE eBook: Copy of Seller Financing on Steroids
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    Note Queen Blog: Access monthly free training, tips and resources
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    Transaction Review & Calculator Practice: Get the FULL length version of these powerful recordings
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    Links to Resources: Access a few links to other materials, thought leaders and service providers
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    Guest Expert Interviews: Access expert interviews I capture with other real estate & note professionals
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    Discounts: As a Citizen, you are eligible for some special discounts
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    Consulting with Dawn: Easy links to one-on-one support around your owner financing or note transaction

PLUS...Get These Killer Benefits:

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    Note Appraisal Course: Access all videos and documents associated with the Note Appraisal Course
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    Property & Paper Summit: Access the videos from our 2017 & 2018 Property & Paper Summit, our annual Live 2-Day Event that we host every October at stunning Lake Tahoe. 

Becoming Proficient with OWNER FINANCING 

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    Real estate professionals
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    Property sellers and buyers
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    Investors who flip property
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    People who don’t want to rely on Washington & Wall Street for their retirement
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    People who want to take charge of their own financial destiny and learn how to safely make solid returns investing in hard money loans and/or discounted paper, or offering terms on properties they already own
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    Note professionals who want to get paid for creating a pipeline of good paper

Sellers - owner financing is one of the best ways to sell property for top dollar in today's market. Let's make sure you choose the right owner financing strategy, limit risk, and create a note worth holding or selling. Owner financing gets you top dollar for your property. Make sure you get top dollar for your paper.

Buyers - you can get into your dream home without having to qualify for a bank loan.

- Bankruptcy?
- Foreclosure?
- Short sale?
- Self-employment income?


Investors - why not leave all the hard money behind and look for owner-financed opportunities?

One-third of properties in the U.S. are owned "free and clear" (have no mortgages recorded against them).

Once you understand "the dance between property and paper", 
you’ll have more options than you ever thought possible:

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    You can buy property with owner financing
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    You can sell property with owner financing
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    You can buy notes
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    You can sell notes
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    You can get paid as a consultant
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    You can get paid as a consultant
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    You can flip with owner financing and keep an effortless spread
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    You can get paid for doing professional note appraisals
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    You can broker or wholesale notes as well as real estate

Like an alchemist… you'll be able to turn property into paper, and paper into CASH!!!

I used to work as an ER nurse. Now, I help people stabilize and recover from traumatic experiences with their real estate transactions, and help them resuscitate their retirement dollars.

Many investors (including myself) use owner financing strategies to buy and sell properties. I will never approach a bank again. But unless you spend a lot of time & money taking several real estate courses and going to lots of seminars, you just don’t become aware of the plethora of options available. Building community is important to me. I want you to be able to do in your community what I'm able to do in mine. With Mom 'n Pop solutions we can make a big difference unplugging from the Wealth Vampires of Washington and Wall Street. That's why I'm inviting you to become a Citizen of the Realm for FREE! 

Here's Just a Few of my Favorite Things I Offer Citizens of the Realm:


Transaction Review
& Calculator Practice

Transaction Review & Calculator Practice Video Archives – you’ll see exactly how we use the financial calculator to put deals together. These are EXTREMELY helpful case studies.


Access to All Upcoming
Books & Training Videos

We’ve been creating content since 2009, but you could argue that we’re only getting started with the material we plan to design and release over the next couple of years.


Professional Note Appraisal Course

Professional Note Appraisal Course – access to the complete course including all training videos and appraisal templates. A high-powered attorney helped me put these forms together when we were defending a $10mil note portfolio from the IRS!


Recordings of Property & Paper Summit

Video Recordings of our annual summit - a 2-day LIVE EVENT held at stunning Lake Tahoe. The 2017 & 2018 videos are available. It would have cost you over $1,200 to be there in person. 

It’s time for us all to liberate and empower ourselves and our clients. It’ll be great having you hang around here in the ‘Queendom’ should you decide to join us, but either way… use your power for good, and go out there and create financial solutions, just one Mom n’ Pop to another.

My Best,




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