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Owner Will Carry – Alhambra Home – Midwick District

2532 Whitney Dr.

Don’t tell me there aren’t owner financing deals in this neighborhood.  Granted, FHA (or cash) is hard to beat, but if you can’t quite qualify, or don’t want to, you CAN buy property without getting new bank financing.

The owner of this property (view flyer) is a contractor and has completely rehabbed this house.  The previous owner before him was a nice older lady who is now very happy in assisted living.  There is great existing financing which the seller is willing to leave in place for the next buyer if need be.  To get around the due-on-sale issue, we will use the trust transfer system.

Owner would like at least 10% down, but price and terms can move around depending on the various factors in play.  Don’t hesitate to throw out an offer, you never know what we can put together.  Seller is very flexible on price . . . he’s willing to go as high as $750,000!! 🙂

Seriously though, this seller is offering terms as a way to maximize the price he can get for this property, which is a great technique for sellers everywhere.

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